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Brains and Boobies hard enamel pin

Brains and Boobies hard enamel pin

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We are wonder women. We have brains AND boobies. 

This new enamel pin design celebrates a new wave of feminism, in which we can be feminine, mothers, partners, as well as presidents, leaders, engineers, doctors and basically really brainy. 

Give it as a gift to a feminist friend or new mum (who is just realising the real power of her boobs –definitely a winner as a new mum gift). It’s a brilliant small gift or stocking filler that packs a punch. 

Or make your own feminist statement because we need more women rising. This is a great one for students, to add to a pin collection, or add to a great bag. 

We decided on a bold and beautiful design for this message. This pin may be little at just 15mm but it makes a bold statement in a simple font so it’s really readable. 

These sassy little pins come in three colours, black nickel and white, gold and black or rose gold and white. They're available individually or as a set of three (ideal for stocking up on Christmas gifts or giving to the whole squad) We want to be able to find girls like us in a crowd. 

Designed in our Doncaster studio and manufactured locally in Yorkshire, this lapel pin is part of our feminist range of pins, and can also be bought as a patch or sticker. 

Grab your sticker here:

Size: 15mm across 
Made from: enamel with pink rubber backing.

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