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Rimbaud x Verlaine - 11x14 PRINT, Decadent LGBTQ writers

Rimbaud x Verlaine - 11x14 PRINT, Decadent LGBTQ writers

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In the late 1800s French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine had a brief, intense and sometimes violent romantic relationship. Among the French literary elite Rimbaud was known as an "enfant terrible" and they lived a libertine lifestyle peppered with absinthe, opium, and hashish. Their relationship ended with Verlaine in a drunken rage, shooting Rimbaud in the hand. 

16th cent. Italian etchings of dark creatures. 
"A Season in Hell" by A. Rimbaud

This piece was originally done in dip pen and ink. 

This is a PRINT. 
>120lb, smooth, white paper 

THE PRINT DOES NOT HAVE A WATERMARK. The watermark is for posting purposes only.