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Purple Ophanim: Left or Right

Purple Ophanim: Left or Right

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The Ophanim Pin is part of my angel-themed pin series, Angelology.
Ophanim are winged wheel angels.

Each pin is approximately 1 inch (3 cm) long, with hard enamel and gold
plating. It has a single pinback with a matching rubber clutch.
Each pin is part of a pair, but may be purchased individually as well.

Left (Open Eye)
An ophanim staring back at you! I would advise against any sinful acts
while under their gaze.

Right (Crying Eye)
An ophanim shedding a single tear. For whom do they weep?

Purple Ophanim Pair
These angels were made to fly together. Get the pair and save some

This listing is for standard grade pins only. Standard grade pins may
have one or two tiny imperfections.