BizBaz @ Home!

BizBaz @ Home brings all the things you love about a convention to the INTERNET: vendors, live entertainment, contests, giveaways, and more! We are one of the most accessible events around. Online expos are the way of the future, even post COVID. Our mission statement is one of creating a positive & inclusive community and what is more inclusive than an online convention that you can attend from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection? No lines. No waiting. No lack of personal space. No overpriced water bottles.



Here is how it works. 

First, you need a ticket to attend the event. Tickets come in tiers:

  • Free
  • Pin rewards

  • Every month for the event, we release an exclusive pin and sticker set that you can only reserve with your ticket! Be sure to read each tier carefully so you can reserve your set! 

    Your reward tier tickets are crucial to help us host this event every month. The reward tiers are also the best way to ensure you get the design for that month! Each tier has a very detailed description that outlines what exactly you receive with your ticket.



    Once you RSVP, you'll want to join our BizBaz Discord and are automatically entered into all of our hourly giveaways. (We ship prizes worldwide!) The Discord has everything you need for the day:

    • Stream link 
    • Rules to enter our contests
    • Contest form to submit entries for our contests
    • Agenda
    • Exhibitor Hall to shop with vendors
    • + more!

    We host this event ALL day on our Twitch channel. You can check that out to see previous events and how it works, but hosting it all day really gives the event that “Social” aspect we all miss! You can “see” your pals in the chat, make new friends, and comment on the different activities throughout the day. Our contests are showcased on here, our vendor panel is hosted here, live entertainment....everything!


    We also have hourly giveaways. For anyone who wins an hourly giveaway - we cover shipping WORLDWIDE. We try to make it as easy as possible to want to attend and stay at the event all day. All of our contests have prizes too. On top of all of this, we have a charity raffle basket. This is the only mandatory paid aspect of the event. Tickets are $1 each and all proceeds are donated to a different charity every month. The basket is filled with vendor donations and is usually worth $300+. Just like our hourly giveaways, we cover shipping for whoever wins whether it’s international or domestic.  

    JOIN US at this month's BizBaz @ Home!

     This is a FREE event but in order to participate in most of the elements, you need to RSVP here!

    Want to Vend? Apply here! After filling out the application, you'll receive an email from us confirming if your application has been accepted or if you're on the waitlist. You can also check out the Vendor Pack here that has all the details that you would receive for the month you vend at our event. (Keep in mind it will be filled in with the current month's information) 

    Here is a quick cheat sheet for vending if you're not sure if you'd like to apply: 




    2024 Dates:


    • 1/28/24
    • 2/25/24
    • 3/24/24
    • 4/21/24
    • 5/19/24
    • 6/23/24
    • 7/21/24
    • 8/18/24
    • 9/22/24
    • 10/20/24
    • 11/17/24
    • 12/15/24 

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