Become a Biz-Bassador for BizBaz Events!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Biz-Bassador! We are striving to grow our community and hope to work with you soon. This application will go over what to expect if approved to become a Biz-Bassador so you can vet if this is a good fit for you and your needs. 
BizBaz Club is a POC + queer-owned small business that strives to foster a safe and inclusive community for artists, collectors, and anybody in-between. We are a one-stop-shop for flair housing 150+ independent artist's work from around the world, including our own original art featuring our mascots. We host recurring virtual and in-person events every month. On top of this, we also have a brick-and-mortar boba shop in SoCal. 
Ultimately, we are looking to expand our micro-conventions throughout the USA and possibly worldwide to keep growing our community and we can't do that alone. Typically, here is what we have at our San Diego micro-convention: 
  • Kawaii, Disney, and K-Pop Karaoke from ETC (our resident karaoke partner)
  • Cars n Anime (decked out anime cars set up with our resident anime car guru)
  • Maid cafe performances by Mochi Cafe (our resident maid cafe)
  • 3 food options that all have vegetarian options and are all totally different 
  • Boba and beer 
  • 25+ local artists/vendors selling their products
  • Enamel pin trading, card trading, etc
  • Crafts (such as a friendship bracelet station), coloring pages, video games, scavenger hunt and other activities 
  • Selfie section/photo ops 
Our goal is to offer as many forms of entertainment, food, and free activities as possible in addition to showcasing local artists to make this an entire experience where attendees would want to stay for the entire event vs just shopping and leaving afterwards. We want attendees to stay and make new friends! 
The bare minimum we need for a venue is: 
  1. Enough space for 25 artists minimum, mainly indoor if possible. If we have to be outside, we will have to rent 10x10 tents for the artists which will increase the table fee significantly as an FYI. Usually breweries/bars are best for this. 
  2. At least 1 on-site food vendor and 1 on-site drink vendor if the bar doesn't have nonalcoholic options, or if the venue ends up not having a bar at all. 
  3. A venue that is looking for an ongoing partnership, not just a 1-off event. Our best events happen when we can grow together with the venue and have a monthly event, or at minimum a quarterly event. If it's quarterly, the fee will also have to be hire for artists to sign up as an FYI. 
  4. Venue needs to be accessible to attendees for both parking and mobility. 
Some pluses if it works out from a venue are: 
  1. Storage on site. If we lock in a 12 month contract with a venue, it would be ideal to order all equipment to be stored at the venue where we can easily access it monthly. In between events, the venue could use our equipment as needed. 
  2. Venues that are interested in helping promote the event. 
  3. Venues that are looking to do a bar minimum for the venue fee: most breweries/bars are ok with allowing us to use their space if they hit their minimum that day at the bar. If they do not, we pay the difference after the event. 
What will BizBaz do on their end for this program? 
BizBaz will continue to do all of the work on the back end with coordinating the event: 
  • Locking in vendors 
  • Locking in a venue (We only disclose the information above in case you have any leads to point us to, and so we can be on the same page about what goes into planning our events!)
  • All legalities with hosting an event: insurance, permits, etc. 
  • Renting or purchasing all equipment necessary for the day 
  • Creating and printing all signage/flyers needed 
  • Promoting the event 
  • Etc!
So, what does the Biz-Bassador do and what do they receive in exchange?
We essentially need someone to be our "Face" for the day during the event. We believe in coordinators being present at events so artists can feel welcomed and attended to. You would need to: 
  1. Help promote the event and be present in our email chains/group chats. BizBaz will answer all digital inquiries but we need you to be on the same page for the day of the event if anybody has a question such as "Where is my table being set up?", "Where's the bathroom", "Can I have an extra badge", etc. 
  2. Oversee table set up and tear down. At the start of this program, we will be using rental companies to set up and tear down. You will just need to be present to oversee this as it happens. As this program grows, if we have equipment on site, we can talk about any changes that may happen with this role, such as payment. 
  3. Storing 1-2 small boxes of items leading up to event + putting together vendor bags. This includes the vendor badge/lanyard, exclusive items (like an enamel pin and/or sticker), and some other freebies artists receive when vending at our events. 
  4. That's it! Now, what do you receive in exchange for this? A Biz-Bassador would receive a free artist booth and 5% of the artist fees for this exchange. Typically we charge $95 per artist and $50 per food vendor to set up at our events. This will differ per event but with the booth incorporated, this is anywhere from a $200-500+ per month, plus of course whatever you sell at your table during the event! 
If selected, we wouldn't have anybody sign any paperwork until the event is locked in so there will be some communication done prior (emails, a call if preferred, etc) and once a market is locked in, we would have a Biz-Bassador sign a 1099 for tax purposes. We would also have them sign an NDA and would send them an onboarding packet with all of these details outlined for reference. Please keep in mind this is very new to us so we will be learning as we go! 

Fill out the application here if you'd like to be considered as a Biz-Bassador! We look forward to hearing from you!