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Sponsor BizBaz Club!

Thanks so much for wanting to sponsor BizBaz Club! 

BizBaz Club is a POC + queer-owned small business that strives to foster a safe and inclusive community for artists, collectors, and anybody in-between. We are a one-stop-shop for flair housing 150+ independent artist's work from around the world, including our own original art featuring our mascots. We host recurring virtual and in-person events every month. On top of this, we also have a brick-and-mortar boba shop in SoCal. 
We look for sponsorships pretty frequently with how many moving pieces are a part of our business. We are open to ideas as well if you don't see one that fits what you're thinking when it comes to sponsoring us, so please be sure to elaborate on the last question if needed. Thank you immensely for considering sponsoring us! We look forward to working with you. 
We have lots of options for sponsorships depending on what you're interested in! Monetary, service discount/trade, or other ideas that you may have for this opportunity. Take a look below to see more details on each type of sponsorship. 
Here are the typical types of sponsorships we utilize: 
  1. Monetary: Business will send a one-lump-sum or monthly agreed upon amount in exchange for ad space on our flyers, website, and other assets. (varies depending on amount). For example, an artist will send us postcards to include in all of our vendor bags, online orders, in-person orders that promote their business, offer a special just for those referred by BizBaz, etc. Additionally, they would receive a "sponsorship" copy placement on all of our assets and website. 
  2. Service discount/trade: Business will offer discount or full trade in exchange for same arrangement as #1. For example, we use a printing shop weekly to receive permanent discount in exchange for placing printing shop on our flyers, website and other assets.
  3. Other idea: We are always open to ideas for a sponsorship so if you have one that isn't listed here, elaborate on this application so we can try to make something work that makes sense for both sides. 

Fill out the application here for all of the details and to be considered!