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Stephen's First (& SECOND) Twitch Stream!

I am so pumped that Stephen has taken the plunge into streaming weekly on our Twitch channel! He is our co-owner and graphic designer, and I've been wanting him to do more 1:1 stuff with you all. He's very shy though, so it's taken a while to navigate the best way to do this. He finally pulled the trigger on doing a live drawing session on our Twitch and it was unforgettable. 

His first stream was piggybacking off of the latest game I have been streaming on *my* Twitch streams: Katamari Demacy Reroll! Stephen put a BizBaz twist on it though and had the chat pick all of the colors/elements for the design. It was so fun to hang out and watch this design come to life. Here is the final result:

Now, Stephen was planning to start doing two streams a week starting NEXT week...but my chronic pain snuck up on me and knocked me out for 3 days! One of those days was on my Wednesday stream. I thought I'd have to cancel it, which was devastating to think about....but then Prince Stephen rode in on his Apple Pencil stallion and saved the day! He volunteered to do an impromptu second live drawing session with barely any time to prepare! What a guy. Seriously. 

He quickly fabricated the idea to do a BizBaz x Mario Mashup:


This stream was even more fun than on Monday and I can't believe how incredible of a turnout we had too with the last minute change in schedule. Thank you to everyone who hung out and helped Stephen pick the colors/elements of this drawing too! 

We also are officially Twitch affiliates so this was our first stream with the new title. Ya'll showed UP and subscribed to us! I think we are at close to 10 subscribers now which is wild. Here is the final result of BizBario:

So, here we are with a full on Twitch schedule - like real #influencers and #streamers. I hope you'll come hang with us every week! Here is our schedule for right now:

See you on the next stream! Click here to subscribe/follow us so you never miss a stream from us!