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Book BizBaz Boba for Your Event!

BizBaz Boba is on Wheels!

Bring our rainbow onion to your next event, party, or anything where fun is needed. We have lots of flexibility with booking - we want to work with you! 


What we offer: 

  • Menu featuring authentic, crafted boba tea along with coffee, tea, and lemonade
  • Sweet, spicy, or sour candies 
  • Gift shop with flair from artists around the world: pins, stickers, cards, apparel and more


What we need bare minimum: 

  • At least 10x10 space
  • Source of electricity 
  • ACCURATE headcount for event 


We travel throughout all of SoCal and are open to other areas depending on the situation so please inquire if interested. 


Booking options: 

  • Low deposit, guests are required to pay for boba menu themselves at event
  • Pre-pay so guests do not have to pay for boba menu at event

(In either situation, all gifts/flair are paid for by guests. Only boba menu can be pre-paid since we have over 4,000 items to choose for with the flair.) 



If you're interested, please send us an email with the details about your event: - we hope to work with you soon!