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Twitch Recaps: Bright Bat Guest Stream, Overcooked, and More Fun!

Last week was such a party on our Twitch! Thank you for everyone who hung out. We made some art, had a special guest, continued our Overcooked journey, did some unboxings, and more! Let's recap. 

On Wednesday, Bright Bat joined our art stream with us and it was so fun! She worked on her Patreon sticker of the month and Stephen started a new collectible postcard for BizBaz Club. I shouted at Overcooked while they actually showcased their talent, ha!

Click here to rewatch the magic!

On Sunday Stephen and I played Overcooked together and it was a blast! I can't wait for the next stream. I am HOOKED to Overcooked! That needs to be a t-shirt. 

Click here if you want to rewatch the stream!

See you at the next stream!