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Twitch Recaps: Bright Bat Sparkle Dog, Crash Bandicoot, Fisheye Live Drawing & More!

Phew - we have just been keeping on our Twitch grind right after BizBaz @ Home! We've had such a busy week between our streams, getting vaccinated, our PopShop live shows, and other things. Let's recap if you missed anything!

Stephen started a new Moonie drawing last week and finished it yesterday! It's of Fisheye and came out so beautiful. I love the cherry blossom petals he added - I think this will be a print available in Silver Crystal Shop very soon! What do you think?


You can rewatch his drawing streams where he worked on this here and here!

On Friday we had a special treat for Stephen's stream - Bright Bat joined us and finished her sparkle dog drawing from BizBaz @ Home! Stephen drew the coloring page for May's BizBaz @ Home too. How awesome. I also joined the party and did a Pokemon card unboxing. This was a great way to spend Friday night if I do say so myself.


You can rewatch the stream here if you missed it!

I began a new video game for my Gaming with Jules series...Crash Bandicoot! I totally missed the memo on this and saw it at Best Buy. I didn't realize it has been out for so long! I'm either really oblivious or they are bad at marketing. I'm assuming I'm just oblivious. This game is a happy sort of anger inducing one, ha! I'm excited to play more. I also had some hauls to show off and made some BizBaz club announcements. 

You can rewatch my stream here if you missed it!

This was an amazing week to say the least! I can't wait to see what this next week brings. We will be streaming on our regular days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday), but don't forget we have our PopShop live show on Thursday at 7 PM PST! We'll be showcasing 10 artists, offering a special promotion, giving some goodies away, and more fun! Hope to see you there!