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Twitch Recaps for the Week!

Y'all. This week has been a whirlwind! I don't have much to recap stream-wise and that's because my week began with an emergency dental surgery on Monday. Yay!

On a happier note, I'm feeling way better and my headaches seem to have gone away. Thank you for your patience this week and for tuning into our two streams!

Saturday was sort of a doozey for me and I realize it set the tone for my week! I felt awful all day (chronic pain) and took a nap before my stream. I could barely wake up and then realized nothing was set up for my stream since we just updated my computer which means all of my OBS settings were cleared. -Sigh- I’m very glad I persevered though and did the stream because right when y'all started coming in the chat and hanging out…instant mood change! Thank you. I started the stream by showing off my latest Bright Bat patreon haul, a sneak peek to our new consignment artist, and some info for March's BizBaz @ Home. 

Anyone else find it hilarious that I showed off our new consignment artist’s, Twinkle Toe Beans, “Sweet Tooth” pin set and then my own “Sweet Tooth” took me to the dentist on Monday?

The last half of the stream I I continued my Bowser’s Fury journey. This game is STRESSFUL with the timed battle! Y’all keep me brave though. I really enjoy this game so far and hope I can beat it on the stream if you are all into it too. The little cat ears everywhere just warm my heart.

Thank you for another fun stream! 

Check out my full stream from Saturday here on our Twitch!

Our next stream wasn’t until THURSDAY *gasp* thanks to my lil emergency. Stephen finished up his Demon Slayer drawing and holy wow that background is so ALIVE. I had a blast watching Stephen draw this and chatting with you all night.

Check out Stephen’s full live drawing from Thursday here on our Twitch!

I can’t wait to stream again tomorrow!  I’ll be doing a special giveaway to help promote BizBaz @ Home. You better be there!