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Twitch Recaps from the last Week: Hauls, Moonie Mondays, Bower's Fury & More!

What a week! Twitch is seriously my new favorite thing. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us to start one not only for our event, but also for our weekly streams! They're so fun. Let's recap went happened in the last week!

My nerdy nights covered so many fun things! I recently was able to grab someone's ENTIRE Moonie trading card collection - so I showed that off in detail. 

Which one was your favorite?

I also had some dope hauls that were a bit more random and then my March BizBaz @ Home haul! 

Such a good week of goodies for me! 

Then, I ended all my streams with playing more Bowser's Fury! We are making such good progress. I really need to get my joy cons fixed...

You can rewatch my streams here!

Stephen solely worked on Sailor Britney all week! We are almost done. Should we make this is a print in Silver Crystal Shop?

Also look at this amazing green screen work Stephen did this week. It's so perfect!

You can rewatch Stephen's Art Streams here! 

That's it for the past streams this week. See you again soon!