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Twitch Recaps from this Week! Moonie Monday, Katamari Reroll, BizBaz @ Home + More!

We had such a fun week! Twitch is so rad ya'll and I'm so happy you're digging our weekly streams. 

Stephen kicked off our week with a Moonie Monday drawing stream. He whipped up two more of our pin designs in our Moonie Skate series: Mercury and Jupiter. Those are now available for pre-order and he'll finish the entire series on his next Moonie Monday stream! 

Then, I continued Katamari and faced a pretty impossible level. I failed three times! I need to practice more. I have no idea how I'll beat this level, but I will keep trying. I also did a BizBaz @ Home giveaway since that is on Saturday. Oh...and I had a mini High School reunion with an old friend in the chat! It was amazing. 

We now have emotes by the way which is another awesome stride in our Twitch journey. Ya'll were going hard with our rainbow BizBaz emote! I'm so glad you are loving them! I can't wait to keep unlocking more slots so we can keep adding more cute emotes. 

Our next stream is TONIGHT and Stephen will be doing another live drawing session. I hope you'll come hang out!