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Twitch Recaps: HarukaCon 2021 Panel, Art Time with Stephen, our new Discord, and more!

This week was crazy amazing! 

We vended at our first ever online convention that we weren't also hosting, HarukaCon 2021! Sugarhime hosts this and does an incredible job. It has the same vibe when it comes to the type of community they're building: positive, inclusive, and fun! We were able to also host a panel during this convention so here's what you missed if you didn't tune in. 



We tweaked our BizBaz @ Home commercial a bit for HarukaCon. How cute did it turn out? Stephen is so talented, y'all. 


We had to do something special on our Twitch for our HarukaCon panel - so we gave away a ton of our products to keep the party going. Did you win anything this time around?

Click here to rewatch this segment if you missed it or want to relive the fun!


I spent a little bit of our panel showing all of the awesome flair we have in person / on our website! It was hard choosing just a few items to give you a feel for everything we carry - but I could talk about our products all day lol. I limited it to about 15 minutes! Did you cop anything during HarukaCon?


We spent the last half of our stream playing Jackbox games with you all and it was LIT. We played a round of Trivia Murder Party and Quiplash. I wish we could have played all night! We gave some prizes to the winners for each round too. 

Click here to rewatch the the stream!

I can't wait for the next HarukaCon! I hope we can vend/host a panel again but regardless we will be attending. 



Our latest stream was Moonie Mondays with Stephen! He started a new drawing - Sailor Cloud. We've been playing the Final Fantasy VII remake so he's mashing up Cloud and Sailor Moon. What do you think of it so far?

You can rewatch the stream here!

See you again tomorrow for my nerdy night stream! I'll probably be continuing more Bowser's Fury. I can't wait!



Don't forget we created a Discord for BizBaz Club! We are almost at 100 users in just a few days of launching - so come join in the fun! This is an extension of our store, event, and community. You don't want to miss out!