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Twitch Recaps: Huge Daymare/BizBaz Giveaway, Bowser's Fury, Moonie Hauls, Sailor Britney + More!

The last few days have been so fun on our Twitch! 

On Saturday I took part in my first stream since my dental surgery and I missed y'all so much! I had a blast. One of our vendors for BizBaz @ Home on Saturday - Daymare - donated a mini ita bag keychain to host a giveaway with so one of you won a huge raffle basket in honor of BizBaz @ Home happening this upcoming Saturday! Congrats!

Next I showed off some Moonie hauls I've gotten recently. The first is a beautiful manga of Sailor Moon from our neighbors here in San Diego - Now or Never Comics! We finally had a minute to go over and properly introduce ourselves so we got to hang with the owner, Aaron, for a bit. We are both East Coast buddies! What a small world. I'll definitely be visiting a TON because he has so many dope things over there!


Next up in the Moonie haul is a gift from my wonderful fiance, Stephen! He got me this custom Sailor Mercury deck from one of the best artists out there - Carly Kawaii! He made sure the background was my 2 fave colors: blue & purple and that my fave accessory of Mercury was included - her goggles!

Finally, we finished the last half of the stream getting so much further in Bowser's Fury! thank you for your bravery and encouragement as I played. We beat the first level!

Watch the whole replay here!

Stephen did Moonie Monday on...Monday and started a new magical drawing. He finally caved y'all and did Sailor Britney! She's looking great so far:

You can see the entire stream here! It was so fun. 

Our next stream is Wednesday and I'll be hosting ANOTHER epic giveaway to pump y'all up for Saturday's BizBaz @ Home. You'll need to tune in at 7 PM PST to see what it is! Pokemon fans will not want to miss out.