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Twitch Recaps! Moonie Monday, Crash Bandicoot, Monster Prom, MegaBizBaz, and More!

Stephen had two streams in the last week and of course they were both drawing related! His Thursday stream showed off a future BizBaz event exclusive pin: Mega-BizBaz. This was inspired after one of Stephen's favorite games...Mega Man! How dope did this turn out? I cannot wait to see this as a pin & sticker set!

You can rewatch the stream here if you missed out!

Moonie Monday was yesterday which is Stephen's other weekly stream. He continued the magical Prince Endymion drawing he has been working on - SO DREAMY!  This will be finished soon and I can't wait to see the final product!

Rewatch the stream here if you missed it!

 I continued Crash Bandicoot on my Wednesday stream and I made some decent progress! I also showed off some mail hauls and gave you insights into May's BizBaz @ Home, our first in-person BizBaz event since COVID, and more!

Watch me get too angry at this game if you missed out!

My last stream was a BLAST - we started a new game together: Monster Prom. It's a hilarious and entertaining dating sim game and y'all helped me make all the decisions. We will definitely keep playing this!

Rewatch the madness here!