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Twitch Recaps: New BizBaz Character, Moonie Monday, Crash Bandicoot 4, and More!

Wow! What a great week y'all. We had a lot happen on our streams between adding a new character to our BizBaz family, starting a new Moonie Monday drawing, playing more Crash Bandicoot 4, unboxings, andmore fun! Let's recap. 

On Sunday afternoon I hosted my gaming stream and continued Crash Bandicoot 4. I started the stream with some unboxings, information/sneak peeks into May's BizBaz @ Home, and more announcements!

Then I continued the infuriating but fun Crash Bandicoot game! I made some progress after a LOT of deaths. I'm glad my rage entertains y'all!

You can watch the stream here if you missed it!

On Stephen's two streams, he started two new projects! For his Thursday sesh, he introduced a brand new character into our BizBaz Fam - the evil Prince Boo! He is inspired by our black tuxedo cat, Boo - and even has the same mustache! I'm obsessed with him. This character will be officially released at one of our October events since he is so spooky. 

You can rewatch the Prince Boo stream here if you missed out!

For Moonie Monday, Stephen started a new design as well: Endymion! I love the purple direction this is going and can't wait to see this finished!

You can rewatch the stream here if you want to!

My last stream was of course another gaming one where I continued Crash!  I had a ton of hauls to show off so I did that first. Did you see anything you liked? Most of it was from April's BizBaz @ Home!

I played a ton of Crash too and can't wait to continue on Wednesday's stream!

You can watch the stream again here if you missed it!

 We have a lot going on this week so we hope to see you somewhere on the internet:

Wednesday @ 7 PM PST: Game Stream

Thursday @ 7 PM PST: PopShop Live Show

Friday @ 6 PM PST: Drawing Stream

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