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Twitch Recaps: New BizBaz Designs, Overcooked, and more!

We have changed our Twitch schedule and are doing longer streams on less days! We've been loving it so far. The contest is the same so we had a drawing stream and gaming stream this week!

On Wednesdays Stephen will do his art stream for at least 2 hours. Y'all seem to be digging the change already so we will keep it this way! He cranked out two new BizBaz designs during this stream: Naruto and Shrek themed. Which is your favorite?

Rewatch the stream here!

On Sundays I will do my regular game/unboxing/hang out stream for two hours instead of one! 


This last Sunday I showed off some sneak peeks to artists coming into the store, talked about some upcoming things at BizBaz Club, and with your vote played Overcooked for the first time! 

I am HOOKED to say the least! I will definitely keep playing this. I even played it with Stephen after the stream. 

Rewatch the stream here! 

See you at the next Twitch stream!