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Twitch Recaps of the Week! Bright Bat hangs, Drawing with Stephen, Bowser's Fury, Hauls + More Fun!

This week has been a whirlwind filled with even more amazing stream! Let's see what went down over the last week. 

On Saturday, I kicked off a new game for my game streams: Bowser's Fury! It is SUPER fun and is a total open world. I get so anxious with the timed Bowser attacks, but ya'll keep me brave. Also...THE KITTY EARS?! It's pretty dope so far. 

I also had some hauls to show off on my Saturday stream like a cool new shirt from Stephen, some frog Adventure Dolls, and more! Check out the recap here on our Twitch if you missed out. 

On Sunday we did a special stream with our friend Bright Bat! We hung out for a few hours while Stephen & Kylie drew. It was so fun and I hope to do more of these! Click here if you missed out and want to watch a recap. 

We had to skip Moonie Mondays this week due to some personal obligations we had, sorry about that ya'll! Our next stream was an impromptu one on Wednesday where Stephen did some live drawing! I have been struggling this week with headaches so I couldn't do my gaming stream. This was so fun regardless though! Click here to watch a recap.

See you on our next stream! We stream almost everyday on our Twitch whether it's our online convention, drawing session, gaming session, or something else!