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Twitch Recaps: Pokemon Giveaway, Black Clover, and more!

How is this week over already?! We are finishing up all the prep for BizBaz @ Home tomorrow but I wanted to quickly recap our past two streams for anyone who missed them!

On Wednesday we did something totally different on my gaming stream. We unboxed 10 packs of Pokemon cards and gave away and Elite Trainer Box! It was SO FUN. Y'all were so nice to me for not knowing everything about Pokemon too. I only know Gen 1 and a bit of Gen 2. Thanks for not being gatekeeper-y. We got some rad cards from holographic to reverse holo to a few others. 

You can rewatch the stream here. 


On Thursday, Stephen finished up his Noelle drawing from Black Clover. It seriously came out so incredible! I love this new art style he tried out - it is so light and magical looking. 

You can rewatch the entire stream here. 

And that brings us to BizBaz @ Home TOMORROW. Y'all better be at our virtual convention. I can't wait to see you all tomorrow! It's gonna be an amazing day.