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Twitch Recaps: Sailor Britney, Bowser's Fury, HarukaCon, Discord, and more from this week!

Wednesday was nerdy night with your fave dork - me! Jules! It has been HOT in San Diego so FYI I apologize about my sweaty face LOL. 

I had no hauls this week - crazy, right?! I did talk about two really exciting things though.....our new BizBaz Club Discord channel and the online event we are vending at this weekend: HarukaCon! Hosted by our lovely friend, sugarhime. 

We will have an exclusive sticker of Doki in a cherry blossom available for FREE with any purchase if you order during the convention so don't miss out! 

We created a Discord too. This is an extension of BizBaz Club from our storefront to events to Twitch and everything in between! Come join in the fun. Click here! 

Of course I continued yelling and getting PO'd at Bowser's Fury too. I love it! I hope you enjoy watching me act a fool as well, lol. 

Click here to watch the stream again if you missed it!

On Thursday Stephen finished his Sailor Britney print! How AMAZING did it turn out!? I am freaking out at how perfect it is. I think we'll be making you want those? Let me know!

Click here to watch the stream again if you missed it!

We will see you all weekend at HarukaCon so I hope you'll come attend! There's giveaways, sales, amazing artists, panels, and more fun stuff. It's FREE too - so what are you waiting for?!