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Weekly Twitch Recaps: Bowser's Fury, Hotaru Tomoe, Updates, + Hauls!

On Friday, Stephen kicked off a brand new drawing that is Sailor Moon inspired. You may know her more as Sailor Saturn but he is drawing her civilian self - Hotaru Tomoe. 

On his next live drawing stream on Monday, he totally reworked the style of this drawing and started over! Typical Stephen, right? He ended up finishing it though and it looks so dreamy and beautiful! We want to make these prints or pins - which one do you prefer?

You can rewatch the whole stream here!

My stream did not happen last Wednesday thanks to never ending cursed tech problems on my PC! I don't get it. Stephen and I are fairly tech savvy but jeeze - I always have tech problems even after doing test runs prior to the stream. 

I began my stream with an hour of updates since I missed Wednesday's stream - our life moves so fast! Here are some things I covered in this chit chat sesh: 

  • Restock from Glitter Bones Boutique and Kitycrylics
  • Debut PopShop Live show on 4/15 @ 7 PM PST
  • Hauls: Bright Bat, ArieanDream, PepZArt, and Pink Fairy Designs
  • BizBaz @ Home: reminders about the event and showed off the raffle/hourly giveaway items
  • New gifs on our streams when you sub, follow, and cheer!
  • Storefront rescheduled to open for another month or so
  • We are on TikTok now!

See? So many updates when I miss even one stream. You can rewatch the whole stream here to see all the deets! 

I kicked ass during Bowser's Fury y'all. We made so much progress this week and I can't wait to continue! 

I cannot wait for the rest of our streams this week. Thank you for all of your support with our Twitch! It's definitely something I look forward to almost every day (hopefully one day we can stream daily!) 

That's it for now. Tomorrow is my next nerdy stream and then Friday is Stephen's next live drawing. Then...BizBaz @ Home is on Saturday! Be sure to get your ticket for that if you haven't yet. 

Look at some of the graphics our vendors for this month made! It's going to be another epic BizBaz @ Home - I just know it!