December's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

The last BizBaz @ Home for 2020 was SO EPIC. You are all so astounding with your support for what we are building, and we couldn't do this without you! Thank you to everyone who made December's online convention the best one yet: our vendors, attendees, participants for our contests, special guests, and everyone in between. You are all the bomb dot com. 

What was your favorite part of BizBaz @ Home? Mine was definitely a tie between our artist panel and Bright Bat's live drawing session! 

Here is what you missed if you couldn't attend this month. 

We kicked off BizBaz @ Home with a walkthrough of our vendors! We went through their sites and discussed their amazing promos for the day. What was your favorite item we showcased?

Next up was our cosplay contests! We had special guest judge, and the winner from November's BizBaz @ Home, Kyoshi Cosplay! They came dressed in their winning look from last month too - look how stunning!

What was your favorite cosplay or pet cosplay in December? We had so many truly awesome entries - it's always hard for me to pick! 

I wish I could share all of the amazing entries we had! Check out our Twitch recap if you missed out on the full thing. 

After our cosplay contests, Addie and Alfie did their iconic Baking Takeover! They are so hilarious and teach us how to bake/cook something new every month during the event. I love hanging with them! Outside of the delicious looking cookies that were made, I had a blast debating about raisins and other hot button topics. 

After some fighting....we moved onto our Hairy Pawter trivia contest! We had some HP geniuses in this group but only one walked away triumphant. What was the hardest question for you? For me it was definitely the ingredients in the polyjuice potion! 

After talking all about Harry Potter for an hour, we moved onto our video game tournament. Due to popular demand, we brought back the classic Jackbox game: Tee KO! This is a super inclusive game for both the audience and competitors where 8 people design silly t-shirts, and then everyone (including those just viewing) vote for their favorites! I love Jackbox too because you do not need a special game console or even a game to compete - you just join on a device with internet connection! The winner walks away with a cash prize and their choice of tshirt that was designed. Which was your favorite t-shirt?


I am always shocked how fast this day goes by! We are already at our coloring contest! Thank you to everyone who took the time to color in our page for this month: Doki indulging in some self care to ring in 2021. I love how creative everybody gets with the coloring page contest! You are allowed to do this physically, digitally, and you can add any elements you'd like! Which was your favorite?

Now we moved onto one of my absolute favorite parts of BizBaz @ Home - our vendor panel! It means the world to me that our vendors take time out of their day to sit down and talk about anything from their business, their personal life to silly topics like their stance on raisins. Who were you most excited to meet this month?

We had a magnificent music set from the talented guitarist, Andre Beller! He blessed us with tons of video game music and some Bach! What was your favorite song he played?

We finished the evening with a BRAND NEW segment to BizBaz @ Home: a live drawing session! Our vendor and friend Bright Bat offered to do this segment and I eagerly told her that of course she can do it! She not only took the time to do this but also drew OUR mascots in her style?! How lucky are we? I seriously was tearing up when I saw she was drawing our 3 mascots: Doki, NiteNite and BizBaz. She is the best and I will forever treasure this drawing. Did you enjoy this new part of the event? She also drew our dog Kirby after we mentioned he bends his head all the way back, lol. See the last image below for that one!

What a day. What an epic BizBaz @ Home, ya'll! I love doing this every month and seeing our regulars along with meeting new faces from around the world! We ended the event with more giveaways, announcing our contest winners, choosing a charity raffle basket winner and raiding our friend Ariean Dream during her Twitch stream! We raised a little over $100 for Toys for Tots - thank you so much to everyone who donated! If you want to catch the event - we have all the highlights on our Twitch channel here. Otherwise, we'll catch you on 1/23/21 for January's BizBaz @ Home!