February's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

February's BizBaz @ Home was so epic. Thank you to everyone who made it so awesome from our vendors to the attendees to our special guests and everyone else! Let's look at what went down last Saturday. 

We kicked off BizBaz @ Home by going through our vendor list, talking about their promotion for the day, and showcasing their site/products! We had such a fabulous group of artists this month. 


After we drooled over the beautiful products from our vendors, we moved into our cosplay and pet costume contest! Gosh - ya'll bring it every month. I love how creative you get! Here are some of the entries from February:


Next up was our vendor panel! This is such a unique aspect to BizBaz. We could not have a panel with ALL of our vendors during in-person events for so many reasons, so this is very special that we can host this during BizBaz @ Home. You can chat with your favorite vendors, ask questions, and learn so many things! Here are some screengrabs from this month:

How awesome! It's so funny to me - most of our artists (including myself!) are shy/anxious people so they are always very nervous about this vendor panel. I always try to emphasize to them it's very casual and fun - but of course they need to experience for themselves to believe me. Usually after every panel, so many artists that were nervous about this segment say it should be LONGER! I agree, but most artists probably wouldn't agree to vend if I said it was an hour long, haha. 

Next up was our coloring contest! I can't believe ya'll take the time to color in our pages every month. I am always blown away by your talent and wish you all could win! Here are some entries from February:

Gosh. One day I hope to print and frame some of these if you'll let me! Or have some sort of "community" print center where you can donate to these artists and download these for yourself. One day!

Now it was time for one of our most popular takeovers....a baking segment with Addie & Alfie: A2 + B2 = C2! They created matcha rolls this month and also DELIVERED me one?! It was so tasty...10/10. I love Addie and Alfie's takeover so much! They're obviously hella talented but are so hilarious and fun to watch. Did you make anything while they cooked this month? Some of our attendees baked cookies during this segment while they are at home! Be sure to tag #BizBazBaking if you create anything you want A2 to see. 

Rewatch the entire A2+B2=C2 segment on our Twitch here!

So tasty! Alright so next up is our most popular contest...our video game tournament! Due to your demand, we brought back Tee-KO again this month! It was such a great time. Your designs are HILARIOUS! I love seeing them all and really like that for Tee-KO, the audience can participate too so it's hands-on for everyone. 

Rewatch the entire Jackbox Tournament on our Twitch here! 

Another very unique aspect to specifically our virtual conventions is our live drawing segments! I don't think we could pull this off in person. Our bestie Bright Bat was so sweet to come back again this month! She drew this adorable dino. What do you think!?

Rewatch the entire Bright Bat live drawing session on our Twitch here!

Our final contest of the day was our trivia tournament! We change the theme every month after you vote - and this month we did 90's Nickelodeon Cartoon trivia! Our villain, Pat (with the vest and sunnies), returned to try and take the prize. How much did you know if you played along at home?

Rewatch the entire trivia tournament on our Twitch here! 

Next up is our music set! We had local San Diego pop-punk band, Matt Caskitt and the Breaks, perform this month and they slayed it. Matt sang and played drums all while wearing a mask and sounding that good? HOW?! 

What a fantastic, incredible, amazing, fabulous day. It FLEW BY. We spent the last 30 minutes chatting with ya'll, answering questions, giving some announcements, picking the winners from our various contests and raiding ArieanDream! Now it's time to plan it all over again and get ready for March's BizBaz @ Home. Hope to see you there on 3/20! Love ya'll.