January 2021's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

Wow. Our first BizBaz @ Home of the year was a total hit! It was amazing seeing our regulars along with a TON of new faces. It was a blast spending the day with you all. 

We kicked the day off with some intros and showing the artist lineup. We checked out every vendor's site and highlighted some of their products so you could have an idea of how you wanted to shop for the day! As always, the talent was stacked up with our vendors this month and my wallet was EMPTY by the end of the day! ;) 

You can check out a recap of the artist lineup and their products from the event here.

Next up was our pet costume and cosplay contest! I love everyone's creativity with this so much. Remember, these two contests are free to enter and have a cash prize! You can be at ANY level to compete and your pieces can be handmade or store-bought. Your entries can even be from the past if you haven't submitted it before, and you can submit multiple entries if you want to! Here are some of the entries from this month - which one was your favorite?

You can see a full recap of the pet costume and cosplay contest on our Twitch here: 

We moved into the vendor panel after this and it was a true honor getting to sit with these 10 talented artists for an hour! You all asked some great questions too. I love being able to put a face to a name when it comes to shops I've looked up to for so long! Very surreal. Did you learn anything new/exciting from the vendor panel?

You can catch the entire vendor panel on our Twitch here.

Next up was our coloring contest! I love how many of you take the time to color in our design every month. It is such a compliment! Our page this month depicted BizBaz celebrating the Chinese New Year! This is also the theme for next month's event. If you ever want to enter our coloring contest - please don't be shy! You can physically or digitally color the sheet and use any medium. You can also add any elements you want to the page too - creative freedom is encouraged! Who was your favorite this month? 

You can see all the entries from our coloring contest on our Twitch here. 

Ah, a break for us finally! (The hosts). Our special guest takeover happened next with A2+B2=C2 aka Addie and Alfie's Baking, Bonding, and Cooking show. They are just so charismatic, fun, and knowledgeable with their recipes/skills! They had a SOUR HOUR this month meaning they used sourdough in a few ways. Which was your favorite?

You can watch their whole takeover here on our Twitch!

After that, how can you not be hungry? We moved into our Jackbox TEE KO tournament after A2+B2=C2. This is always such a treat to watch. Jackbox games are perfect for our event because you don't need a special console to compete and you don't need to purchase a specific game either. You simply join from any device with an internet connection with a room code, and that's it! You draw silly designs and pair them with equally bizarre slogans to create t-shirt masterpieces. Here are some of the results of that, which one would you wear?

On top of the cash prize, we also buy the winner the Tshirt of their choosing from the tournament! Check out the entire Tee KO session here.

We always have music for BizBaz @ Home and this month did not disappoint with Tim Putnam from Allweather performing a set! He did original music and covers - and the talent was mind-blowing. What was your fave song? 

Relive this epic set again here on our Twitch. 

Our last contest of the day was our Pokemon trivia! This was a pretty cutthroat trivia thanks to our trivia villain....Pat! Did you know as much as you thought you did about Pokemon?

Watch the entire trivia tournament here on our Twitch!

The last segment of the evening was a live drawing session with the beyond talented Bright Bat! How precious was this scene she drew?

Watch the entire session again here on our Twitch. 

We ended our fantastic day by announcing our contest winners, picking a raffle winner, making some important announcements and raiding MiYaMango! What was the best part of the event for you?

Check out who won and see the final wrap up of January's BizBaz @ Home here on our Twitch. 

What a truly iconic BizBaz @ Home. Thank you to our attendees, special guests, vendors, and everyone else who supports our online convention! We can't wait to do it all over again on February 20th!