June's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

June's BizBaz @ Home was one for the books - as always! We absolutely love planning this online convention for you so that you can experience everything you love about in-person events on your couch! Here's a recap if you missed anything. 

We started with our Opening Ceremony! We introduced ourselves, talked about what BizBaz Club is, and went through our vendor lineup by showcasing their products/sites and discussing their promos for the day. Who did you shop with this month? 


You can rewatch the Opening Ceremony here! 

We moved into our cosplay and pet costume contests next! We were so fortunate to have Kyoshi Cosplay come back and be our special guest too! What was your favorite entry this month?

 You can relive the cosplay magic here!

 Next up was our Artist Panel! This is such a treat because we can put faces to names we've been following for so long. Thank you to our 10 vendors for being a part of the panel, answering questions, and hanging out! I loved how much we talked about snacks. Who were you most excited to meet?

You can see all of our beautiful faces here if you missed out!

We now had our coloring contest and wow - we are always so blown away by your entries! Whether you digitally or physically colored our page - I wish we could give all our contest participants a prize. One day, hopefully! What page did you dig the most in June?

Rewatch the coloring contest here!

One of the best parts of BizBaz @ Home was next: A2 + B2 = C2! It's our cooking segment hosted by Addie, Alfie, and Ryan. Whether you want to learn new tips for cooking or just want to hang out and laugh - this segment is incredible. They did their first A2 all in one room for the first time ever with the restrictions being lifted, and them being vaccinated of course, so that was extra special. Their show was Hot GRILL Summer to kick off the summer season! Did you cook along at home?

Rewatch the entire Hot Grill Summer here!

We rolled right into our Tee-KO tournament after this and it was a total party! Y'all are beyond silly with your designs. Who is competing next month!?


Rewatch our Jackbox Video Game Tournament here!

How sad is it with how quickly BizBaz @ Homes flies by?! Next up is already our live drawing segment with Bright Bat! This is such a rad thing to watch. Who tuned in?

Click here if you want to relive the magic of Bright Bat's live drawing session!

Our last contest of the day was up next: Trivia! We did My Hero Academia Trivia this month and it was so much fun. Did you know all the answers when you played along at home?

Rewatch the whole segment here!

Our last event of the day was the amazing Scout Seshimo performing an acoustic set! It was absolutely amazing and I'm so glad she played! What was your favorite song?

Rewatch the whole set here!

We finished up June's BizBaz with our Closing Ceremony where we announced all our winners from the day, raided another Twitch stream, and said goodnight!


You can rewatch the Closing Ceremony here. 

That's it until July. Hope to see you there!