March's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

March's BizBaz @ Home was SO INCREDIBLE. Wow. Another one for the books, y'all! You have helped make another amazing BizBaz @ Home happen. Let's see how the day went if you weren't able to tune in. 

We kicked off BizBaz @ Home with something brand spanking new.... a commercial that Stephen created! It seriously looks so legit. This could be in a movie.

You can rewatch it here if you missed out!

After revealing this beautiful trailer, we went into our vendor lineup. We showcased all our vendor's websites, products, and discussed their promotions for the day! Who did you shop with this month?

You can rewatch the lineup reveal and discussion here. 

I can't wait to see your BizBaz Hauls soon! Be sure to tag us. 

Now it's time for our cosplay and pet costume contests! These are always so fun. We had one of our BizBaz regulars and impeccable cosplayer - Kyoshi Cosplay - help guest judge this month! Which was your favorite entry?

You can rewatch it here if you missed out or if you want to see these stunning entries again. 

Thanks to everyone who competed! I wish we could give you all a prize. Remember our contests are so inclusive and do not have a point system. We don't even "Judge" the contests - we only positively comment on each one! Then we put up anonymous voting polls on our Instagram to select a winner. You should enter next month! 

We moved into our vendor panel next. This is such a special part of BizBaz @ Home. We have 10 vendors every month from all over the world and our panel allows us to chat with them, pick their brain, and hang! Y'all asked some fun questions too. Who were you most excited to meet this month?

You can rewatch the entire vendor panel here! 

Our next contest happened after the vendor panel - our coloring page! Our coloring contest is the most popular one as of right now as far as the "creative/artsy" contests. We put out a page that reveals the theme for the next BizBaz. This month it was of NiteNite being a cutie little spoopy DJ! Y'all went all out. I could NOT pick a favorite if I wanted to!

You can see all the entries here if you missed out or want to rewatch! 

Gosh - just too many amazing submission! Thank you to everyone who participated. It seriously is so flattering. Remember, your entries can be physically or digitally colored and we highly encourage creative freedom! You can see some of these entries and how creative people get. You can be at any level to enter too. I hope you'll join in the coloring fun next month! 

After we were surrounded by such beautiful pieces of art, it was time to begin our baking segment! A2 + B2 = C2 is a staple of BizBaz @ Home. Addie and Alife are SO charming, talented, and hilarious! It's a blast hanging with them and also learning a new recipe every month. Did you enjoy what they cooked this time around? 

You can rewatch this tasty segment here! 


So yummy!

Our most sought after contest was after this - Jackbox Tee KO! We fill up for this usually within 24 hours of announcing our next BizBaz @ Home. Y'all LOVE this contest and I don't blame you! Watching this is such a treat. I really like that the attendees not competing can participate in this too. It makes it so hands on for everyone. What was your favorite t-shirt design this month?

You can check out the contest here! 

Let's have a live drawing sesh with our favorite artist...none other than Bright Bat! Kylie came back for another live drawing segment and I'm so flattered she keeps coming back. I hope she never stops! I love watching her create something and it's extra special because she has a mic - so we can chat with her. Did you tune in this month?

You can watch the live drawing segment again here! 

So flippin CUTE!! I hope she comes back again!

We had TWO music guests for this month's BizBaz @ Home! Ryan Abreu (who you may know from producing A2+B2=C2) and Buckley's Angel. Both sets were so incredible. They definitely killed it and helped me feel like concerts were a real thing still, haha. What song was your favorite?!

You can see the sets here!

Ugh. So. Good. Thank you for performing guys!

We wrapped up the event next by announcing our contest winners, picking a charity raffle basket winner, giving you some updates about important stuff with our shop, and saying goodnight! Thank you again for such a rad day. I cannot wait for April's BizBaz at Home. Get your ticket here!