May's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

May's BizBaz @ Home was such a blast! I can't believe it has come and gone already. What was your favorite part?

Let's recap if you want to relive the magic or you missed anything. 

We started with our opening ceremony which revealed our fancy new overlays that Stephen absolutely slayed at creating. This was also the first month that we transitioned to Google Forms, Discord, and Twitch for the event. It went so smooth without a hitch! Go us. 

After introducing ourselves and meeting tons of noobies, along with seeing our favorite regulars, we went over the vendor lineup! We showcased all 10 of our vendors, went over the promos for the day, and gave their site/products a spotlight. There was just too much talent, as always, this month!

Click here to watch the Twitch recap of the opening ceremony! 

Next up was our cosplay & pet costume contests with special guest, Kyoshi Cosplay! They dressed up as their own original Harry Potter character and as always....she killed it! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in these two contests. You all did amazing!


Click here to watch our cosplay and pet costume contests from BizBaz if you missed it or want to relive the magic!

Now we move into our vendor panel - one of the coolest parts of our event! We get to meet our vendors, ask questions, and hang out. Who were you most excited to see?


Click here to watch our vendor panel if you missed it or want to relive the magic!

Next on the roster was our coloring contest. Y'all BROUGH IT, once again, this month. I was blown away by your creativity and talent - so thank you to every single person who entered. You're always all winners in my book! Who was your favorite page this month?


Click here to rewatch the coloring contest!

We moved onto our Baking Takeover segment now with A2 + B2 = C2! They created a Star Wars cocktail and Star Wars dish to complement the theme of our event for May. How rad! Did you make this at home yet?

Click here to watch A2 + B2 = C2 during May's BizBaz! 

We moved into our Jackbox Tee-KO tournament after that awesome baking segment. Tee-KO is so silly and fun! I love seeing the absurd shirts that are created. 

Cilck here to catch the Jackbox Tee-KO tournament! 

We had Arieandream do our live drawing segment this month and she is just the sweetest! She drew BizBaz as a bento box and we talked about food for an hour. How perfect, right?! We think this will be a future BizBaz pin design for sure!


Click here to watch Arie's live drawing segment!

Our last contest of the day was up next - Star Wars Trivia! Our recurring villain, Pat, was back this month too. Did you get all the questions right?

Click here to relive the Star Wars Trivia contest!

Our last event of the day was a music set from Dan Gardner of Four Lights! He crushed it and was so incredible. What was your favorite song?

Click here to watch his set again!

We had our closing ceremony to wrap up this beautiful day. We announced all our winners, did a few more giveaways, gave you sneak peeks to upcoming things with BizBaz Club, and said goodnight until June 19th at the next BizBaz @ Home! Hope to see you there. You can get your ticket here!