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November's BizBaz @ Home Recap!

November's BizBaz @ Home was SO FUN. Thank you to everyone who came and helped make it so successful: our vendors, attendees, special guests and everyone in between. You're all amazing. 

What was your favorite part of BizBaz @ Home? Mine is definitely the Artist Panel! There are so many gems dropped during that and also this month was extra special because we got to sing Happy Birthday (out of sync) to Castle Babe Co's mom! How sweet!

The contests were all a blast too. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the coloring, cosplay and pet cosplay contest! Everyone is so talented and did such a great job. Thank you to everyone who competed in our video game trivia contest and video game tournament too! 


Here are all of the entries for each of our contests if you missed them:

Cosplay Contest: 

Pet Cosplay Contest: 
Coloring Contest: 


Our special guest takeover was so fun with Alfie, Addie and Ryan. They baked, drank a little bubbly and had us cracking up the whole time. What should they bake in December? 

Ricky KILLED IT with his gorgeous music performance. I hope you all loved that as much as I did!

Thank you to everyone who donated to our charity raffle basket too. We raised $179 for the Lustgarten Foundation! You're all so dope, seriously.

And of course, congrats on everyone who won our hourly giveaways. Spinning that wheel is always so fun for me.

You can see all of the segments for November's event here on our Twitch: 

I hope to see you at December's event!