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Spooky October 2021 BizBaz Events Recap!

Our favorite month of the year has come and passed again --- October aka Spooky Season! Although spooky season never ends, it's extra awesome during October. 

BizBaz @ New Motion was a blast. We had 30 artists of all mediums and styles, delicious Italian food from Pizza Trolley, tasty drinks from Cattle Dog, and amazing drinks from New Motion. 

Our exclusive pin sold out: our 3 mascots in a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin bucket -- too cute! We are so happy y'all liked it. ]

We also had so much fun with our giveaways, DJ Root spinning live music, and Murder Trivia Party game. It was an afternoon filled with fun! Can't wait to do it again in November for another BizBaz @ New Motion.

  Then we had our monthly online con, BizBaz @ Home! The theme for this month was ode to one of Stephen's favorite anime! 

We loved seeing everybody's entries for the cosplay, pet costume, and coloring contests. Y'all are all winners in our book!

We had a total blast playing Jackbox and Trivia too. Thanks to everyone who participated! 

We had such talented artists with dope deals all day too. We are all broke again after shopping! 

Our giveaways were fun and the live entertainment was just incredible between the live drawing sesh, baking takeover, and more!

Join us again next month for our accessible & inclusive virtual con...BizBaz @ Home!