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What's going on at BizBaz Club this week?

This has been such a busy week at BizBaz Club:

-STACKED Twitch streaming from Stephen & Jules

-New Silver Crystal Shop pin series release

-Prep for BizBaz @ Home on 2/20

-and more!

What a fun week. Let's recap!

We stream 4x a week on Twitch!

Stephen does a drawing session twice a week and Jules does a gaming stream twice a week. Of course, when BizBaz @ Home is happening, one of those gaming streams does not happen!

This past Saturday I streamed for the first time in a week since I was sick last week. It was so fun! I showed off some hauls, gave BizBaz @ Home updates, and played more Katamari Damacy Reroll. Thanks for hanging!

On Monday, Stephen kicked off our week with a #MoonieMonday stream. Every Monday, he draws something Sailor Moon inspired for our fan art store - Silver Crystal Shop. This week he whipped up some Moonie Skates - which is our newest pin pre-order series! He'll reveal the next pin on his next #MoonieMonday stream. 

You can pre-order here!

That leads us into my next gaming stream! Due to popular demand, I kept playing more Katamari. Ya'll love hearing me scream and watching me sweat -- ya freaks! I also showed off some Moonie hauls and gave some updates for BizBaz @ Home. 

What a fun week! I can't wait to hang again with ya'll on our Twitch. See you soon!