Come join us at at our virtual or San Diego FREE artist events this month! Just click "BizBaz - Pop Up Events!" below for more information!

Doki Day on PopShop Live!

Join us for our monthly colorful, cute, and Kawaii event on PopShop Live!

PopShop is the modern way to watch artists stream and shop at the same time - think of it like a revamped QVC that blends Twitch and Shopify. 

We have…

🌈EXCLUSIVE BizBaz merch for FREE from select artists

🌈 15+ artists vending 

🌈FREE coloring page featuring Doki… the Queen this event is named after

🌈Gacha games

🌈Product drops


& so much more 🎉🧁

This is usually hosted on the 2nd to last Wednesday of each month! Use invite code "BIZBAZ" to sign up for your free account now!

Want to vend at Doki Day? Email us: and check out the Vendor Doc that has all of the details for vending! Keep in mind, this link has the current month's information filled out.