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San Diego Artist Workshop Application at BizBaz Boba!

Thank you for wanting to host an artist workshop at New Motion Beverages, home to BizBaz Boba! 

We are always looking for artists to add to our rotating schedule and hope to work with you soon. Please fill out this form to see if we will be a good fit for your needs! 
If you are selected, you will be given a large farmer's table inside New Motion to host your workshop at. This seats about 12 people. We also have a projector, linen, electricity, and other amenities if needed. 
Here are some details about hosting a workshop:
Workshops are currently held every Sunday. You can sign up for as many as you like. If you host multiple in one month, we just ask that there is some demand or that you offer some versatility in the workshop to keep it fresh. 
This is free to host at New Motion and there are several options for ticketing. Please select which one you'd prefer below:
  • Hosting your own ticketing by filling every spot and not rely on New Motion/BizBaz Boba to help in any way.
  • BizBaz Boba running the ticketing and paying out after the workshop ends.
  • We are also flexible with ideas if something else comes to mind that works better for you!

To ensure we all have a great experience together, we do require that you promote your workshop will be hosted at with us on all of your socials, and add us to your website. 

That is it for all mandatory requirements! If you're ready, please fill out our application here to be considered. We hope to work with you soon!