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Mantachan Bento Box Art Prints

Mantachan Bento Box Art Prints

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Aesthetic bentos are here! Your room should reflect your personality. Add a splash of color and personality to your room with our cute and unique art prints that combine food ingredients aesthetically! We have items that you won't find anywhere else because all designs are original and drawn by our artist (@kingcucco on Instagram). You deserve something special, get your prints today!

Our art prints are perfect for decorating your wall or desk. Put them into a frame or hang them up using your cutest washi tape. If you like reading you can use it as a bookmark or put it into your favorite journal to look at when you need a smile. They're also great to send as postcards to your family and friends! Whatever you decide to do with them, you'll be able to feast your eyes all you want, it's yummy foods without the calories!


  • This listing is for 1 art print 
  • Size 4.72 x 4.72 inches
  • Made with premium cardstock, 18-19pt thickness
  • Soft-touch finish, square postcards
  • Shine-free, so there's no glare
  • The back is uncoated, so you'll be able to write on it with a pen
  • Colors may vary slightly between listing photos you see on your screen and the actual item you receive in person
  • © 2021 Cheekytweethart LLC. All rights reserved. The artwork may not be used for reprinting and/or commercial purposes without permission.