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Plumber's Best Friend  SLIDING Pin!

Plumber's Best Friend SLIDING Pin!

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Who doesn't love a loyal companion that you can always depend on? Better question, who doesn't love a CUTE AND LOYAL companion to beat some dummies who took the Princess?! Flicking its tongue, eating up enemies and farting out eggs at a whim! That's right, the BB-CRE.8 team brought that lovable green dinosaur-horse creature to life with some SLIDE ACTION! We couldn't resist bringing some awesome mechanics to level up this pin! Wear Yoshi with its tongue shorter or longer! So let's eat some mushrooms, bust some bricks with our heads, stomp a mudhole on some goombas as BB-CRE.8 presents, Plumber's Best Friend (Slider Pin)!

Pin Specs:
- Black nickel HARD enamel
- Double post rubber backing
- TONGUE IN: approx. 1.5" in width
- TONGUE OUT: approx. 2.0" in width  
- BB-CRE.8 backstamp